Digital Focus

The lawyers of M&R Europe specializing in information technologies have for a long time been engaged in offering to their clients integrated legal services for the best protection of intellectual and industrial property against on line counterfeiting and piracy, including at a global level.

With the aim of expanding the international reach and maximizing the efficiency of their legal offer, the lawyers of M&R Europe joined ILN – INCOPRO Legal Network.

INCOPRO is a company, based in the United Kingdom and the USA, that developed and implemented strongly innovative technological solutions for the on line protection of intellectual and industrial property.

In particular, the team of programmers, analysts and investigators of INCOPRO created and regularly updates software systems with multidata, multilingual and multiplatform architectures, that are able to gather, understand, interconnect and prioritize complex data and information, deriving them from the Internet, sites, digital markets and social media, and to identify true digital counterfeiting and piracy networks, as well as the relevant targets to attack, in terms of visibility, volume and harmfulness..

To really integrate the INCOPRO technologies with a legal expertise in the digital sector and implement, in the various relevant territories, intelligent and all round strategies of effective, on a large scale and long term enforcement, ILN – INCOPRO Legal Network, an international network of expert lawyers in the on line protection, including judicial protection, of intellectual and industrial property, was created and the professionals of M&R Europe are its sole members in Italy and for the Italian territory.


More information on the ILN – INCOPRO Legal Network and its members is available here.