Information Technology
Domain names
Mobile sites
Digital products
Content providers
Access/service providers
Advice and assistance to Italian and foreign digital and non-digital content creators, owners, providers and users:


  • in respect of protection of software, databases, websites, mobile sites, domain names and textual, graphic, visual, audio elements of same, at every stage of their development, implementation and maintenance;
  • for the uploading, transmission, communication, making available, downloading of content, by any digital and/or electronic means and/or on demand, and in respect of all matters of liability, applicable jurisdiction and laws, acts and forms of use of digital content and management of the related rights;
  • for the organization and implementation of B2B and B2C websites and platforms for the supply of tangible and digital goods and services and the assessment of regulatory or administrative requirements or procedures, as well as users and consumer protection laws requirements;
  • for software, websites, mobile sites, databases development, implementation, and maintenance agreements, as well as the acquisition of all related rights;
  • for websites or mobile sites linking and/or association agreements aimed at the promotion and joint offer of tangible and digital goods and/or services.