Inventions, Design and Know-how
Useful Creations
Useful Shapes
Designs and models
Utility models
Confidentiality contracts
Assignment contracts
Licence contracts
Advice and assistance to Italian and foreign owners and users:


  • for the preliminary assessment of patentability requirements of inventions, utility models, guidance and evaluation on state-of-the-art search results and patenting, opposition, patent annotation, recordal and transfer procedures;
  • for the creation and registration of securities over patents;
  • in the planning and implementation of Italian, European and International patent valorization, registration and protection strategies;
  • for the preliminary assessment of protection and registration requirements of products’ shapes, designs, models and evaluation of priority searches and registration procedures;
  • for the protection of designs under trademark, copyright and unfair competition laws;
  • for the protection of know-how, trade secrets and confidential information;
  • in relation to patents, design, technology, know-how licences and transfer agreements, and research and development, cooperation, confidentiality agreements;
  • for the protection of inventions, models, designs against infringement and illegal uses.