Strategic Alliances

Studio Carbone


The specialist lawyers of M&R Europe chose to ally with the professionals of Studio Carbone to build a unique, synergistically integrated team, fully dedicated to the media, entertainment and show business sectors. The team unifies:

  • Lawyers specialized in advertising, media and entertainment laws
  • Consultants and lawyers experts in management of entertainment personnel and entertainment labour laws
  • Public certified accountants and auditors specialized in culture and entertainment business taxation

Our added value

  • Legal, social security, tax and operational consultancy tailored for creative industries, cultural and entertainment products, on any media and platforms
  • A to Z consultancy, from the initial moment of development of a creative project to the moment of its optimization and economic exploitation on the relevant market

Some of our integrated services

  • Business and commercial law for creative businesses
  • Copyright, advertising and entertainment law
  • Entertainment labour law
  • Operational management of entertainment personnel
  • Accounting and taxation for creative industries

The website of Studio Carbone may be reached here.